tailSaver is a new and unique way to enhance the growth of your horse's tail

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TailSaver acts like their own natural tail, allowing your horse to swat at the annoying flies, and yet the TailSaver saves on the wear and tear of your horses tail.
In the meantime your horses tail is staying clean and growing thicker and longer!
Everyone wants that thick flowing tail on their horses,now you can.
You soon won't need to buy the artificial tails you have to tie on for the show ring!

What You Get

Durable Handmade

Our TailSaver is handmade and made only with high quality materials

Ready to Ship

Our TailSaver is ready to ship and custom orders are welcome!

Liked by Horse Owners

TailSaver is tested and proven by horse owners

Made with Love

Our TailSaver is made to preserve and protect our Horse's tail

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